Is there any way to add surfaces to a Mesh?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By abelgutierrez99

I’m building a 3D voxel game. There voxels are implemented in a way that only the faces that are visible are added to the Mesh in the MeshInstance. The problem comes when you place or destroy a voxel, then the faces of the adjacent voxels must change: a face must be added or removed. How can I edit the initial Mesh? The Mesh is generated through SurfaceTool.

My alternative idea, if it is not possible to edit the Mesh, is to destroy the Mesh and create a new one with the modification, but this might be less efficent.

Hi i don’t know if this help but lucy lavend did a video explaning generated mesh with code and more, you should check it out:

andresTapa | 2021-12-03 03:15