Is there any way to open a popup with a button?

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I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but anyway, i am trying to script a button node called “Quit” which opens a popup that is like a double-check options but I do not know how I would script the button to do this.

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As an example, create a simple scene with the following 3-node structure:

Node2D (or whatever you want as a root node)
  +- ConfirmationDialog
  +- Button

Add a script to the root node

Wire the button’s pressed() signal to the script, containing the following code:

func _on_Button_pressed():
	$ConfirmationDialog.visible = true

That’s basically it. When the button is pressed, it’s pressed() fires, which calls the _on_Button_pressed() function in the script. That function simply sets the visibility of the dialog to true, which causes it to become visible.

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Hello. Now can you tell me If I have multiple buttons each including unique popup. How to make other popups hidden when pressing the other button? Basicly my project have Popups but when I click on another , both of them are on the screen which is I dont want