Issue With Editor UI Remaining Viewable in Different Resolutions on Laptop vs. Monitor (Retina Macbook)

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I can’t seem to find any discussion about this…

I just downloaded the latest stable 2.1 version for OSX (10.11 El Capitan) on a Retina Macbook that I have connected to an external 24" LED monitor, which is set as the main output.

On launch the project manager window opens just fine on my monitor, the ui and fonts are at a reasonable scale, as expected. Once I open a project though, the interface is scaled so large I can only see the bottom corner. If I drag the window over to my Macbook screen I can see that it scales reallllly small but manages to include all of the ui.

If I drag the window down to half the size, for instance, it’s all there still albeit squished in the window - then drag it back to my monitor, it scales huge again and becomes unusable.

I want to develop using my external monitor and have the ui scale/snap nicely to ‘fit’ within the available resolution when connected to my Macbook. And if on the go with my Macbook, ideally the ui can scale a little larger on a retina screen; be adjusted(?).

I have installed and used previous versions of Godot and I can’t recall this ever being an issue. Any tips to correct this? Thanks!

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SPRHPRATK | 2016-08-19 00:31

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SPRHPRATK | 2016-08-19 00:32

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OK, I’ll answer my own question as I figured it out - may help someone else in the same scenario…

Basically, if the laptop is open (the screen is up) while connected to an external monitor the Godot ui gets displayed as though it’s up on the laptop screen, in this case a retina screen, regardless of the attached screen being the primary output and a much lower res.

The fix: close the screen (fold it down) and then launch Godot. You can open the screen again if needed afterward, the ui should stay snapped within the external monitor res.

Your “fix” isn’t really fix but more of a workaround as the purpose of attaching an external display to your computer is to have multiple displays…

Edit: Looks like the Godot team is aware of the issue and have provided a real solution as found here MacOS: Moving Godot Editor Window from Retina Display to non Retina display does not resize the content appropriately · Issue #5688 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

rojuinex | 2016-09-03 16:59

That is the main purpose, yes, but in the case of the Macbook (others) I should be able to set the external as the primary monitor and its set res, which all my apps will happily snap within. The only exception to this rule I’ve run across is Godot.

The laptop screen can be used as a secondary but should be at my discretion, if I need to drag something over there. Godot snaps to the laptop res regardless of my working monitor setup.

Ahhhh… read issue link above - makes sense to set it to ‘low res’ - a better workaround for now. Tx for posting.

SPRHPRATK | 2016-09-03 18:07

Hi, I had the same issue and I changed the default screen to the monitor screen.

ysinjab | 2019-08-29 17:29