Issues with disappearing close button on WindowDialog when two are visible

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By HoofedEar

For some reason, when I have two WindowDialogs open, the most recently opened dialog’s Close button disappears until the mouse is over where it should be.

This first image shows two dialog windows open, the one on the right having been opened first, the one on the left opened second. You can see that the Close button for the left window is missing.
Two Dialogs open, Close button missing

When I move my mouse to where the Close button should be, it appears. It disappears again when I move my mouse away.
Two Dialogs open, mouse over Close button position

If I close the first dialog window, the Close button reappears in the second dialog window.
One Dialog open, Close button now restored

Here is the hierarchy of the controls. Menu Dialog opens first, with the FarmingButton showing the FarmingDialog window (which is the second dialog):
Hierarchy of controls

I’m not sure if this is expected behavior that I am not aware of, but I’d like for all dialog windows to have their close buttons visible when they are all open.

Thank you for any assistance