Issues with instantiating a child and signals

Hmm, no, the ball node is not involved in creating a new ball. It’s all handled via the on_left/right_body_entered function

func _on_left_body_entered(body):
var e = preload(“res://scenes/ball.tscn”).instantiate()
e.global_position = Vector2(640, 360)

I’m pretty new to godot so i have to wrap my head around what you’ve proposed there.
This is like its own exercise for me haha. Before rewriting my entire code, i would maybe hope to try to find out where exactly my mistake lies in the current approach.

Just to clarify my issue a bit further, and i do apologize if i’m a bit convoluted in how i display my information, as this is the first time i ever asked for advice regarding “coding”, but here’s an example of what happens when the ball is respawned:

Instead of there being a ball node, there is a @CharacterBody2D node that is an instance of the ball.tscn
When this ball leaves the field again, it respawns and is now shown again as Ball in the scene tree, except it still doesnt reset the acceleration variable.

I feel like this may be relevant to my issue?