It would be great if the Godot Discord archived threads to this forum

I has been discussed all over the net how it is a shame that services like discord are information sinks.

Despite that, what they offer makes them appealing enough to stay.

Since so much Godot help is given on the Discord, it would make so much sense to have some automated process that archives questions and answers from the discord server to this forum.

What, if anything, prevents this from happening?


Not an insider so just my thoughts

Ideally you would have explicit consent from users that you can distribute their messages. There are a bunch of privacy laws around the world (users can be from anywhere) that have to be considered. Users post on the Discord with the expectation the posts will only be there.

Web scraping public data is generally legal but I assume this would violate Discord’s ToS.

Possible Solution: Append the Discord rules (that everyone has to agree to to post) with a section that permits message redistribution etc. legal stuff. Scraping may still be a ToS violation, though. Not sure.

Technically this isn’t that hard a project but I expect it would involve a lot of coordination between community members, discord server admins etc which makes it less likely to happen