Jagged movement along 3D Gridmap

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Ace_X6

I’m following several guides on making a 3D game in Godot
At first I used a capsule for the collisionshape of my character, however I disliked how the player slid off the edges of cubes. Because of this I opted for a box as my collision shape, so you can stand on the very edges of cubes and objects similar to minecraft.

I followed a guide on how to use a gridmap, it works perfectly, except the movement on it.

For some reason the player moves slightly up and down when moving over the edge of the cubes on the gird map. This happens on the borders of every cube and makes the movement feel very jagged.

So i was wondering, how do i make the movement on the girdmap smooth.

(I tried adjusting the safe margin under collision in the kinematicbody and the staticbody of the gridmap and neither worked)

Try increasing the physics fps.

Magso | 2020-04-17 16:07