Jailbreaker: One-button Platformer

About a year ago, I wanted to challenge myself to release a commercial game within a 12 months or less. After 9 months of hardwork, that dream is about to come true! My one-button platformer, Jailbreaker, has finished development today!

Jailbreaker is a punishing, 2D platformer which you play using only one-button. Jump, fly, slide up walls, float in bubbles and perform somersaults, all with the press of a single button. The game is short but fun to play, and has a leaderboard where you can compete against other players to beat the game with the lowest deaths.

The game contains 3 worlds with 60 levels. It has a very puzzle-like design. You have to think critically about every jump you make, which is why the game gives you an opportunity to assess the level before starting. Every level is unique and if you feel like dying would be annoying, don’t you worry; the replay is instantaneous!

I’m very excited but also kinda of nervous :sweat_smile:. If you like games like this, consider wishlisting on Steam. The game is set to release January 2024! Thank you so much for reading!

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFj37zunbkk


You made a goal and stuck to it. Very good work. I hope it does well.


Really well done, congratulation, beautiful game.

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Do you think to release it for Android too?

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Maybe? Not sure. Might be too much work, but if it does really well then I might make an android port.

But… Why? Isn’t simple required an Android Export?

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There’s more than that, like making the touch input, making the buttons react to touch input instead of the mouse (Touch to mouse is NOT a great workaround), optimizing the game so it doesn’t lag or break on android.

Genuinely, It’s not hard, But it takes time

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Can you explain this, please?

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Sure thing :]

So what I meant by “Touch to mouse” is the “Emulate mouse from touch” option in the Godot project settings

What it does is by its name, emulate the mouse with touch, so you have a hidden virtual mouse in the game, And what happens when you press a button, It won’t get pressed, It gets highlighted, what means is that the mouse is over the button, to press a button you have to double press it, which is like double-click on pc, with that said

The player on the touch device will have to double touch to press any button, which is going to be annoying for most of the android players.

Hope this gives you an idea for what i mean <3


Yes, thank you very much. :wink:

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This game looks very fun, I want to try it out when you release it.

Didn’t know about this. Shouldn’t be difficult to implement Touch input since Godot has an input_event function that handles it quite easily. My main concerns were performance and UI/Screen resolution.

The game already looks quite small on a 720p monitor because of the play area, so I think it would look even smaller on a mobile phone. There is also this section in the game that uses more than one simple input action so that might require some time to implement. Fortunately I’m developing the game in GLES2 so it should run well on mobile compared to GLES 3.

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GLES2? A man after my heart o7

Mark your calendars! :date:
JAILBREAKER is coming January 23 this year! Here is the release trailer. Hope you all like it!


Oof, I forgot to mention this but please try out the demo if you haven’t :pray:
Wishlist the game too!

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JAILBREAKER is now out and available on Steam and Itch.io for $4.99, on Windows and Linux. Thank you all for the support! No matter how small the game is, I still had a lot of fun making the game and Godot was a lot of fun to learn. And your feedback was incredible as well.

If you like 2D puzzle platformer with unique game mechanics, please try it out!

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that’s… not the case at all. users need only a single click to press buttons. the touch is only not touched if you hover over it (touch & move). mobile devices are sensitive enough for that.

and since iy is just a single button, it would just need to consider touch, maybe on almost the whole screen, or a big button.

it would still have to make a button in case the device does not have a keyboard, tho. Androids withk keyboard are rar but exist, and there are tablets which run Windows/Linux but have no keyboarx.

Wow, it’s been a while. My short experimental game did pretty well! Since the game is a bit dead though, I’ve decided to post a 3 months summary of the game’s sales.

  • 280 copies sold
  • 1700+ wishlists
  • Around $1000 of sales revenue
  • $800+ of profit

For a short 10 month project, $4 indie platformer game, I’d say it’s very good!

The game is currently on sale 'til 13th May. If you like challenging platformer games, please try it out!


Congrats mate!! :tada: :tada: