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Hey there!

I am currently trying to figure out how appropriate the Godot Engine would be for my project. It ticks almost every box but there is a main sticking point which is the purpose of this question!

I am only really worried about exporting my game to be used in the HTML5 format. I have some data that I would like to display within my game as dialog, but ideally I don’t want to preset such data and rather load it! Currently the data is sat on my $scope which can be accessed easily using javascript.

Is there any way that I could plug the GDScript to execute javascript? Failing that is there anyway to execute some sort of Ajax call or the like in GDScript to send/receive data?

Thank you in advance!

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There is the gd-to-js bridge, a useful introduction is here. An example how to do a simple callback is here. I hope it helps.