Just looking for a few more books and tutorials

Good evening! Just reposting a request I made in another post.

As an additional request, I’m currently working on games with a ‘retro’ perspective, so any information related to that would be helpful. I’ve been playing some games and watching videos about reviews of games from that era (NES, SNES, MS-DOS, etc.), but any additional information is welcome. A huge thank you in advice!

One thing to keep in mind is that pre-mid 2000s, people never saw pixels as solid blocks unless the art was scaled up. In fact, images that today look like simple square pixels could look more detailed, with more shading, rounded edges, etc. Most CRT filters aren’t detailed enough nor high-enough resolution to reproduce the effect.

Here’s some neat examples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw2QfPREu-Q


That’s really impressive and interesting! I had a CRT TV around 2010-12, and I vaguely remember how the games looked, before I finally got a modern LCD TV. Unfortunately, there isn’t a 100% accurate shader… it’s a regrettable loss, but we have no choice at the moment. Thanks for the feedback, man.