Kinematic Body move_and_collide with colliders as sub children

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Alex Zanfir

this problem came up in a block building vehicle prototype.

Problem is when the vehicles collide nothing happens. I am using move_and_collide on the kinematic body that is the parent node of all the block child nodes.

I know the problem is that the kinematic body does not contain any direct collisionbody children, since they are all children of block nodes. I am just not sure how to solve this.

Since I have multiple block types, each saved as its own scene, and i load different blocks at runtime depending on the json config file for that vehicle. Since a scene can only have one root node, I need to have a spacial/node/kinematic for each block as the parent. But then my player kinematicbody wont link to those collision bodies in the blocks.

Any ideas?

Were you able to solve this? I ran into the same issue and my current workaround is on startup reparenting the collision nodes to the parent. Feels very against the concept :confused:

Swampi | 2020-06-17 20:23