KinematicBody and Static Body/Collision Shape overlap bounce

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By wxvyjb

Whenever I create multiple static bodies/collision shapes and place them side by side the player “bounces” up as they cross where two floor tiles meet. I’ve tried adjusting the margins and even making the box extents a little smaller than the actual meshes.

I’m working in 3D with a kinematic body player node. I’m generating buildings with multiple building block scenes that have a mesh instance/static body/collision shape tree setup to resize the collision shape’s box to match the size.

It seems to be an issue even if I create the collision shapes as a trimesh static body or a trimesh collision sibling. There’s no issues with a test level I created that is made up of a single large mesh but I’m trying to create things procedurally.

My player kinematic body is using move_and_slide_with_snap() for slope detection/sliding.

Any way to correct this? I was thinking a raycast to check for the ground and adjust the player position but that won’t detect just a mesh instance