Lava or water Rising

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Zync

How can i make objects rise??? fx Lava or water?

Have you looked at any documentation/tutorials? If you simply want it to rise up you can use

translate(Vector3(0, rise, 0))

In future look in the inspector for the property you need or look up a method that does the job.

Magso | 2019-06-09 15:21

it doesnt work… iam really a noob at programming

Zync | 2019-06-10 10:38

To make that work you should have this.

#The variable for rising speed.
var rise : float
#float means it's a decimal number.

func _process(delta):
    #This function runs every frame like void update in unity or event tick in unreal.

    translate(Vector3(0, rise, 0))
    #This will move the node 'rise' units every frame.

    translate(Vector3(0, rise * delta, 0))
    #Same but multiplied by delta, delta is the time between this frame and the last frame making the movement smoother and slower.

    get_node("../anotherNode").translate(Vector3(0, rise, 0))
    #This moves "anotherNode"

Magso | 2019-06-10 11:32

it says: error(10, 15): No constructer of ‘Vector2’ matches the signature ‘Vector2( int, float, int)’.

if it is a 2d game i have to change the vector from vector3 to vector2 right?

And should i edit the “…/anotherNode”?

Zync | 2019-06-10 15:54

Yes use Vector2 for 2D. Also you only have to pick one of the translate statements, I gave you different examples. If the script is on the node you want to move just use translate, if the script is on a separate node it needs to know which node to reference to using get_node("../nameOfNode") and translate it.

Magso | 2019-06-10 16:25

This is what errors i get:

Zync | 2019-06-10 16:47

translate(Vector2(0, rise))

Magso | 2019-06-10 16:55