Link old forum posts to my account on the new version of this site

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve been on this site and it looks like it’s had a huge update! Nice! Unfortunately though, it didn’t remember my login credentials so I opted to sign in with GitHub as I slightly remembered them being linked. It remembered my profile picture and username, but all my contributions are missing from my profile now. Is there any way that those could be linked back to my account? This served me well for going back to old topics I added.

Sorry if this has been asked before…I’m sure it has but I couldn’t find info on it.

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Hi there!

This is a completely new forum, and everyone got a new user account. This was done due to the old Q&A platform not having the features we needed, plus a huge amount of spam (and spam user accounts). You can read more about it here:

This migration also meant that we started from scratch for user accounts. The old content was migrated though, and you can find all your old posts by searching for posts containing the phrase “By PIZZA_ALERT” and posted by the @system user. Here is a link to view the results of that search:

We can not link those posts to your new account though. On the technical side, this is partly due to the fact that the old system supported comments on topic, but the new one doesn’t. So we emulate comments here by simply including them in the topic itself with some HTML/CSS magic. But therefore we can’t link a topic to a single new user, since it contains comments from other users too.


Thanks for the light-speed reply, that works for me. This site looks awesome. I’m really proud of this community always improving!!


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