Loading assets from external directories?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By hkZeneus

Hello everyone in the Godot community!

Is there any way to load maps(/scenes)/textures/audio files/configuration files from directories outside the internal structure of the game’s executable after the project export?

In a more graphic way:

  • Sounds (.mp3?)
  • Textures
  • System (.ini / .bin / .dat)
  • Maps (scenes?)
  • Dialogs (.html?)

And the executable being inside the System folder for example.

I think this can be done, but I don’t know how to implement it. See the documentation on exporting packs for details.

Ertain | 2020-09-05 17:17

Thank you for your answer!
I know from the documentation that you can split, let’s say, “each folder” (e.g. Dialogs etc.) in different PCKs. I guess the closest solution is to create different PCKs for each file, which, in my opinion, is not optimal…

hkZeneus | 2020-09-05 19:14