Make an AudioStreamPlayer3D sound like a regular AudioStreamPlayer

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Yaann

I have a gun with an AudioStreamPlayer3D Node, it works great for AI as it sounds in the distance just like I want it, but when my player uses it, the sound starts wobbling from left to right especially when I move around (probably due to the stereo effect), and when I change the type to an AudioStreamPlayer it sounds much better with none of the problems.
So I decided to implement a Node change type function on my script based on who’s holding the gun but I heard that change type on runtime is not really recommended.
So I was wondering if there are any settings in AudioStreamPlayer3D that make it sound like an AudioStreamPlayer or at least get rid of the wobbling effect.

Worst case, you could just have both 3D and regular in your gun and switch which one is being used.

Afely | 2021-05-23 02:12

I think this could work yeah, but I’m wondering if there’s still a smarter way.

Yaann | 2021-05-23 08:58