Make NinePatchRect background grow with Label

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By TobiLa

Hi, I am trying to create a NinePatchRect background for my TextLabel. Both of them should be centered on the screen

My problem is I can’t manage to make sure it’s always larger than my text.

My current approach is like this:


  • CenterContainer

  • NinePatchRect: Background

 - Label: Text


export(String) var text setget set_text

func set_text(newText):
	if has_node("Background/Text") and newText:
		var textNode = get_node("Background/Text")
		if textNode:
			textNode.text = newText
			call_deferred("_adaptLabelSize", textNode)
		text = newText

func _adaptLabelSize(textNode):
	var newminSize = textNode.rect_size.x + textNode.margin_left * 2
	rect_min_size.x = newminSize

func _ready():

My idea was to make the size of the background adapt each time the text gets changed. The problem is, that if I set textNode.text, the size of the textLabel isn’t changed when I use it to determine newMinSize, even if I call it deferred.

What can I do?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: markopolo

I don’t think you need any code for this (apart from the set_text for the label).

I couldn’t get it working with a center container - it kept my nine_patch_rect at it’s minimum size regardless of the size flags. My working setup looks like this:


When the text inside the label expands, the label’s minimum size increases, forcing the center_container to expand and therefore forcing the margin_container to expand. The nine_patch_rect has size flags set to fill (the default) so its size follows the margin_container’s size (within the margin specified, of course).

You may want another margin_container that the center_container is inside so you can ensure that even if the text expands it won’t hit the edges of the ninepatch - this solves the “make sure it’s always larger than the text” problem: