Maze generation not generating around rooms properly?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By WychWitch

I’m using Godot 3.1 on windows 10

I’m using an adaptation of Bob Nystrom’s dungeon generation found here (blogpost here) for a roguelike I’m working on. So far it works pretty well, but the only problem is that the maze gives each room a space of 2 cells on the southern and eastern borders, rather than a space of 1 cell like the northern and western borders (like it should).

It’s hard to describe so here’s a picture with the problem area’s highlighted. White = Maze start, Blue = generated maze, Gray = room and Purple = Wall.

maze picture

The code for this is here in this paste: Wych's maze implementation - though the code is somewhat messy atm.

Also I should mention that the floorRect is var floorRect = Rect2(Vector2(0,0), Vector2(65,38)) and each tile is 16x16, but other than that all of the code is in there.

Also, I want to handle the room to maze connections in a separately from the generation (as Bob Nystrom does) so that’s why I want the single cell spaces to begin with. There’s probably a simple solution I’m overlooking, so any help at all will help!

Thank you so much in advance.

Edit: I found the problem. In the tileFill() function, I had to comment out the following +1

tileFill(areaRect, tileType):
	var areaRectEnd = areaRect.end
	var x = areaRect.position.x
	var y = areaRect.position.y

	var endX = areaRect.end.x #+ 1

	var endY = areaRect.end.y #+ 1

	var tile = tileIndex(tileType)
	while x < endX :
		while y < endY :
			var currentCell = get_node("/root/Main/dungeonLevel").set_cell(x,y,tile)
			y += 1
		y = areaRect.position.y
		x += 1

However I’m still having a problem with the far right of the map as highlighted here:

enter image description here

I’m going to keep looking into this!