Method not found where?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By pferft

Hi everyone,

there’s a node sending a signal to a dozen other nodes. It appears that one of them doesn’t properly receive the signal (perhaps it’s not in the script anymore), so the error „method not found“ occurs.
I have a hard time finding out which one of that dozen it might be, so is there any way to let the editor show me? (It would be great if the error message could provide a link to directly jump to the affected node/script…)

Are you connecting the nodes through script or through the editor’s Node tab?

You could open the script editor, press Ctrl + Shift + F to open global search and look for the string connect("signal"). Signal is the signal that is being emitted.

Script Global Search

Juxxec | 2022-11-30 21:29

Through the editor’s Node tab.

pferft | 2022-11-30 21:31

You just double click on the little green arrows:

Juxxec | 2022-11-30 21:34

So I see if the double click actually leads somewhere and if it doesn’t… there’s nothing there so I can as well erase that signal-link. I guess that works well enough, thanks for the hint!

pferft | 2022-11-30 21:44

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You just double click on the little green arrows in the Node Tab:

If nothing happens, that means that the method does not exist in the node or the node is not part of the tree anymore. You can simply delete those links.