Mission Failed - Demo released!

Introducing “Mission Failed”. A single-player and local co-op 2D shooter for Windows & Linux.

You are on a Special Ops mission to rescue prisoners of war. Everything goes wrong. With your mission failed you are cut off from all support and stranded behind enemy lines.

Low on resources and short on time, you need to find a way to regain communications, battle through to safety and complete your mission objectives along the way.

Play single-player or as a team in local split-screen co-op.

Demo: Mission Failed by Rokoddity (Win & Linux)

  • Play tactically or go in guns blazing , the choice is yours
  • Search Everything - Scavenge & Craft Resources
  • Single Player and Co-op Game-play. Drop in any time

Made with Godot. Obviously :wink:
Please give it a try and give me your (constructive) feedback. Any feedback/support is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: