Move and collide visual lagging

Godot Version



Hello, when I use move_and_collide the object seems to lag in movement, generally it seems like he speeds up and down all time or just jittery moves…

Not sure what causes it…code is just kinematicBody with move_and_collide in _physics_process

But strange enough if I check V-sync On and V-sync via compositor it fix the issue and movement is smooth…

More strangely enough is that if I check both Off issue is still gone…

Does someone know, what just happened?

If you’re experiencing jittery movement with move_and_collide in your Godot Engine project, consider adjusting the frame synchronization by ensuring a consistent physics frame rate and utilizing the delta parameter in your movement calculations for frame-rate independence. Experiment with V-Sync settings, keeping it enabled through the compositor if it improves smoothness. Check for heavy processing tasks in the _physics_process function and monitor the console for any relevant warnings or errors. Testing on different machines and using an updated Godot version may also help address the issue.