Music stuttering and lagging with web builds on Chrome and Edge, but Firefox is ok

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By plasmid

I’ve got a web game that I was planning to release tomorrow which was playing music well on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, but now I tried it out again and on my laptop the music plays very slowly and stutters horribly on Chrome and Edge.

It’s happening just in the Godot component of the game; there are also levels that are run through a separate game framework outside of Godot and those are playing music fine on all browsers. So I was wondering if my Godot game is just too memory intensive and causing lag. But there doesn’t seem to be noticeable gameplay lag, and I tried making an empty project with just an AudioStreamPlayer node playing the shortest track in the game (a very compressed .ogg file) but that’s still stuttering for me. That nearly empty game with an audio player is at

(Sorry I don’t have a git account to post the project but it really is literally one AudioStreamPlayer node and one ogg track with all default settings in GLES2)

But they’re all playing perfectly fine in Firefox. It doesn’t make much sense to me why just Godot but not the other framework, and just in Chrome and Edge but not Firefox, suddenly went from playing music fine to sounding unplayably bad even with a nearly empty build, so wondering if it’s just something idiosynchratic with my system or whether other people hear the same choppiness and lag with the music depending on the browser?

And any ideas on what might be causing it and/or workarounds? The fact that is was working fine until recently makes me suspect a Windows or browser update, although it’s strange that Chrome and Edge but not Firefox would be affected. Adjusting the Output Latency.web project setting doesn’t help – the audio is still choppy but with longer gaps between the chops. The trick of turning off Chrome hardware acceleration fixes the music lag, but then causes gameplay lag which is even worse. I’ve found a plugin to run the music through howler.js at

and am trying to implement it quickly, but it’s tricky and so far not working for me.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Autolycos

Hi !

Same here, i don’t know why the audio is stuttering on Chrome or Edge and not on Firefox.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: pm101

there’s an open issue on Github

perhaps add more detail there with your example project