My email keeps changing back to the "original" email even after changing it twice now?

I’ve changed my email address before twice on this forum now, and after logging out and logging back in, it seems to have worked, however, after a few days or so, without any warning at all, it suddenly changed back to the old email address again and now that email is shown on my profile instead of the one I changed it to. Is this a known bug or a feature?

Hi there! The forum uses your Godot account. To change your email address, please go to Godot SSO - Account Management. You can find the option in the menu under “Personal Information”.

You may need to verify your email address again after changing it.

Hey! Thank you for the reply! I do not have a Godot account, I log in using my GitHub account. And my issue happened once more. I have changed my email address on the forum twice already, and both times I got an email address asking me to confirm it, which I did. However, I notice that as soon as I log out then log back in again, the email that shows up on my profile changes once more back to the old one. I’m almost 100% sure this is a bug, as that email isn’t even associated with my GitHub profile anymore either. Right now my profile once again got reset to the old, incorrect email address.

After changing my email on the link provided, my email on the forum still didn’t change, but I will try changing it one last time and see if this issue comes back again. However, I still believe this is a bug, or at least unintended behavior. Perhaps changing the email field in the profile settings on the forum itself should be disabled, or a disclaimer should be put there telling users that changing the email address there isn’t permanent.

You do have a Godot Account, the GitHub account is your login method for it.

You most likely need to wait until the forum synchronizes it again. One option you can try is logging out and back in.

Yeah I think the upstream Discourse plugin we use for single sign in could make this clearer. We should definitely look into options to at least add a note about this.

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