My mobile app is not working in correctly in android

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First i am sorry for my english.
I am Building an mobile app and its finished but there is a problem.
When i was started the build app, everything is working but this is
Very complicated app and When it grows it starts to open slow but
Working Fast. This maybe everything is opening in launch in main scene.
When the app finish its showing splah screen and black screen comes.
İn normaly a few minutes its works correctly but now its closing. My godot version 3.3.2
İ tried 3.4.3 also but still not works. I tried to debug with usb but its stoping debug and
İts reconnecting. Logcat also not working and reconnecting. İ cant debug it
And i cant find Any problem, all files stili same with the working times.
İ dont want to start it again. İt takes my 6 mounths. For example there is a b c and d files.
When i will remove the others and these are alone it works but b is not works alone. When they together without b or with b they are not working. Plz help

Can you write the “scene change” code?

ramazan | 2022-03-21 10:08

My projects working system is
There was a main scene. And its Just it. The ui scene is
Child scene in main. And in the main scene there is two nodes.
One is a (problem in a also) one is b.
İn a there is another Child scenes. And there is mobil buttons.
When you press is a button its hiding one and showing the another
One. B also working same. İts like lesson app. İn a lesson. İn b quiz.
When you press a there is categories.when press categoriea it shows numbers.
When you press numbers it show lesson. The problem is the lesson scenes When i put its not working but in b everything is correct. İf you want i can upload photo

Now i sow i am also türk

I reject all deals | 2022-03-21 10:32

extends Node

Global gd

var mevcut_sahne = null

func _ready():
   var sabit = get_tree().get_root()
   mevcut_sahne = sabit.get_child(sabit.get_child_count() - 1)

func sahneye_git(yol):
call_deferred("yeni_sahne", yol)

func yeni_sahne(yol):
  var s = ResourceLoader.load(yol)
  mevcut_sahne = s.instance()

Changing the scene is like this, isn’t it?

ramazan | 2022-03-21 11:08

No it isnt.

func _on_giris_d_coraf():
func _on_ders_coraf_ddgeri():
	cders_sayfa = "0"

onready var cders_sayfa = "0"
func _on_dersler_coraf_icerik_tdgeri():
	var cdddd = get_node("dersler/ders_coraf"+cders_sayfa)
	if (cders_sayfa == "0"):
		cdddd = get_node("dersler/ders_coraf")

func _on_dersler_coraf_icerik_ders_acik():
	var cdddd = get_node("dersler/ders_coraf"+cders_sayfa)
	if (cders_sayfa == "0"):
		cdddd = get_node("dersler/ders_coraf")

Projenin oldukça karmaşık bir yapısı var ve herşey hatasız görünüyor.
PC’de herşey çalışıyor ama androidde…

I reject all deals | 2022-03-21 11:28

Projesetting/Debug/Gdscript = buradan hataları kontrol et .

ramazan | 2022-03-21 12:24

Hataları kontrol et derken?
Pc de hata vermiyor fakat android de kapanıyor.
Usb ile debuglamayı denedim fakat tam uygulama açılırken
Bağlantıyı kesiyor. Logcat de aynı şekilde

I reject all deals | 2022-03-21 12:39

Tüm seçenekleri işaretledim fakat kayda değer birşey bulamadım.

I reject all deals | 2022-03-21 12:42

androidde nereye takıldığını debuglamamın bir yolu var mı?
godotla veya godot dışında

I reject all deals | 2022-03-21 13:57

Bununla ilgili bilgim yok . Türkçe karakter kullanmış olabilir misin . kontrol et .
“Dosyları ara” kısmına Türkçe karakterlere tek tek bak bi.

ramazan | 2022-03-22 09:41

Tamam deneyeceğim

I reject all deals | 2022-03-23 17:41

Ramazan hala yapamadım yahu bir yardım etsen

I reject all deals | 2022-07-19 16:24