Navigation2D get_simple_path lags game every time it is called.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Newby

I have a chase script for my enemy, kinematicbody2d, to chase the player and im using nav2d for its navigation, every time it calls the get_simple_path method the game lags for a bit and with more enemies it gets worse. I check to see if my script cause any lag by just setting a single path to follow and it went smoothly. When i check the get_simple_path it lagged even though im not using the variable i used to store it in.

Here is the chase script

onready var player = get_node("../Player")
onready var nav2d = get_node("../Navigation2D")

func chase():
	# if the path has more than one point
	if points.size() > 0:
		var distance = get_global_position().distance_to(points[0])
		var direction = points[0] - get_global_position() # direction of movement
		if distance > 5:
			movement(direction, SPEED)
			movement(Vector2.ZERO, 0) # close enough - stop moving

here is how i get my path, i set it on a timer cause just placing it in _process caused to much lag.

func _on_Update_path_timeout():
points = nav2d.get_simple_path(global_position, player.global_position)

I dont know what is wrong cause when I try my script it in a new project it runs fine until there are too many enemies loaded in.

Im using a nav polygon for my path.

if any extra info is need please ask.