Navmesh doesn't respect the translation.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By sxkod


I have a world scene with lots of other subscenes. One of the subscene is a scene with navmesh which also has a npc that uses the navmesh to follow the player when player enters the said subscene.

It works fine when run by itself and also when included in the world scene, as long as I leave it at global center. If I translate the navmesh subscene in the world so as to create a game level, it can only generate the path that is overlapping the original limits before translation.

What am I messing up!

If every subscene with a navmesh has to be left in the global center of the level, it will be very limiting! I am sure I am missing something significant here.

Any help?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: sxkod

For anyone who might face the same issue:

I found one way to make it work. Hope it works for others too.

Add the Navigation node to the world. All the subscenes only provide NavigationMeshInstances.

Then you can instance the subscenes in the World and move them around. As long as the two points you want to generate path between are on a single NavigationMeshInstance or on two of them that are in contact but not overlapping, Navigation node seems to generate a path with no problem.

Good luck