[Networking Issue] Client position teleports to host position at the start of game

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By TheJollyReaper

I’m basically using a modified version of games from scratch networking tutorial

In my game when the Game scene instances both the players, I set their location to different position2D nodes. At the start of the game they spawn at the right spot, but then the client player instantly jumps to the host player position. I copied the tutorial and recreated the issue by adding

thisPlayer.position = $player1.position
otherPlayer.position = $player2.position

to Game.gd, $player1 and $player2 being their respective position2d nodes

I’m pretty sure the problem is caused by the setPosition() function under Player.gd, but I can’t figure out how to fix it or how to sync the player positions using an alternative method. Anyone have any ideas?

*Only the bottom 3 scripts at the link (Lobby.gd, Game.gd, Player.gd) are being used
**Screen capture wasn’t able to record client player jumping up to host position, I guess it happened too quickly. But in real time I did see it blink from the bottom position node up to the top one