New help category: Exporting

I was just thinking of posting an export-related question in the Help section, but there was no category for this. Searching the forum it seems there are however quite a lot of imported old questions related to problems with exporting games, so maybe there’s need for one?

Searching using export as a keyword is a little tricky since this will give you a lot of hits related to exported variables.

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Hmm, we do have the export tag. Though I’ve noticed that it’s used both for exported properties, and for exporting the project. We definitely should find a solution to differentiate these two things. A category could work.

Or are there other ideas? Also how can we name these to make them more distinct?

Maybe a category “Exporting Projects” and a tag for “export-annotation”

To help make it easier to search/find posts related to exporting projects perhaps it could also be useful to add tags for platforms (as in windows, macos, linux, android etc). Since at least help topics related to exporting will usually be platform specific, whereas questions regarding @export vars (and most other topics) will rarely be for a specific platform.

We already have platform tags: windows, linux, mac-os and so on. You can find a full list here:

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Ah, I see. I thought it was strange that there would be no such tags. I tried typing in the initial letters in the tag field on a new Help topic and didn’t get a match so I assumed this mean there were no such tags (or they couldn’t be used for Help). But maybe that’s an issue with the tags field then?

As the first Tag for help questions, you always need to specify the version. So you need to select one of the suggestions first. After that you can add any other tags you like.

I think maybe we should make a tutorial post that goes over the specifics of our forum, because the UI does not make it obvious that you can add other tags after specifying the version.

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