Night in Nothinglands - an existentialist story driven platformer (DEMO)


Hi, this is my first game that I’ve been working on for 3 months now. I’ve also made all the graphics, sounds, music etc. myself.

Embark on a dream-like journey in Nothinglands, where you play a beer-loving scientist who studies these mysterious creatures, the Eyes. In this god-ridden world the Eyes are also hunted for food and for fun. The hunters, in their existential despair, are desperately waiting for the yearly hunting festival, but this year it seems that the Eyes are emerging in larger numbers than before.

This game combines classic platformer gameplay with more progressive AI, including commanding your companion and even summoning and telepathy control is included. Also, the hunter-people are managing their own gunfights and monster hunting. The hero likes beer and it gives you health but it also comes with certain caveats. Note: the substance-abuse part of the game will be addressed as the story progresses.

There is also a very work in progress arena mode, where the player can battle the hunters as well and try to kill as many Eyes as possible… and spoilers: for upcoming versions, in the story mode the hunters won’t tolerate the hero’s plan of eradicating all the Eyes once and for all. Hunting is their way of life after all.

Pictures and link to the (heavily in progress!) game:

Link to the (work in progress!) game:

I’d really like to hear what you think! I thought that it would take me years to get to this point, but thanks to you, the Godot community, I’ve learned so much. I’ve only made games before with the Clickteam products when I was a kid, so this has been a (rather surreal) dream come true.

Happy hunting!


I’m so happy that the audio crackling issue was solved in Godot 4.3, I had to rush and make a new gameplay video immediately:

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