No FXAA support in 3.1.1?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By rico345100

I’m using Godot 3.1.1 and just realized that there is no available FXAA options. According to some post, Godot 2 supports FXAA, but some reason it’s took out from 3. So I try to get FXAA for Godot 3.1, but couldn’t find any.

I don’t want to publish my game without Anti Aliasing. Is there a way to apply FXAA in Godot 3.1.1 which using GLES3?

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: gmaps

I had the same problem, in after 3.1 you just have MSAA (which is prettier, more accurate, but heavier on performance), which you can turn on in the project settings. Having FXAA in your game is just a matter of one shader. You can download the scene from here:
[EDIT - fixed link]

Just pull the scene with the shader in your game and it should work (it works for me).

I suggest you add option for selection AA in your game (FXAA, MSAA 2x, 4x,…).

Thanks but it according the script inside, that fxaa implemenation is for GLES2. My project using GLES3. Does it work with GLES3?

rico345100 | 2019-11-04 12:30

Uh, you’re right, sorry for the wrong link, this is the one that is working for me (I also use GLES3).

Godot Nvidia FXAA 3.11 Port · GitHub

(I’ll check it when I come home to be 100% sure if it’s the one)

gmaps | 2019-11-04 13:06

My goodness, that works thank you!

rico345100 | 2019-11-04 14:28