No stretch mode with camera centered in the middle

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By red1939

I would like to present the content on a screen without any scaling (2d/viewport, hence I am choosing None) but with the content not pushed to the top left corner and only showing fixed part of the canvas (1920x1080).

Currently I am using an approach with a custom Camera2D where I just select AnchorMode = Drag Center. This almost works. The issue I am having is that if on the canvas (outside the camera) there are any elements (let’s say part of the map) they will be presented.

My conclusion is simple: camera gets it size directly from the viewport. If the viewport changes (which is correlated with screen size it seems), the camera will too. This works, of course, for 2d/viewport where the camera doesn’t change it’s size.

I am aiming at changing the scale basing on the viewport size, so that I correct the size of camera. Is this the right approach to my problem?