Oculus Quest1 Fails to start APK exported

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Zoorgbat

Hi everybody,
I’m beginning to create VR experiences and I choosed GoDot.
I use a Oculus Quest (first generation) and after configuring my development environment I managed to export an APK to my device.

I see it in uncategorized apps and when I start it the 3 dots animation starts for some tenth of seconds, then I return to my starting room.

If I start the same applicaiton with Oculus Link and a USB cable all works well.

I switched from GLES3 to GLES2 but nothing changed.
I tried both exports types, debug and Release, same issue.

I’m using GoDot 3.5.1
OpenJdk 11, Android Sdk 33, Open XR 1.3.0 & XR Tools 3.2.0
Windows 10

I use one shader texture, for animating water surface and I imported a file from Blender, an architectural exemple, a kitchen in IFC format, converted to gltf format.

If any one has a clue…

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: anonymous

It might be because you are using it on standalone while Meta is removing support for the Quest 1. It is also not a good idea to run any kind of software from your computer on the first generation anyways since it has old hardware and isn’t getting any new updates. Link cable will obviously work since it’s running on your computer, but standalone (especially on the first quest) will not always work, or work at all.