Odd flickering with 2D lights, TIleMaps, and CanvasModulate

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By squaredx

Hello! So I just started working on a new 2D game using a simple 16x16 square asset.

I’m using a TileMap node to draw the world and have two tiles set up that use the same image but with a different color and properties:

  • Walls - Collisions and light occluders are setup
  • Floor - No collisions or occluders

Additionally, I have also set up a CanvasModulate node to control the environment lighting.

I have pixel snap enabled in project settings and I’ve tried both GLES2 and GLES3

The issue: when moving the character around the scene the border between walls floors sometimes has a slight flicker. Is there a configuration change I’m missing to prevent this or is there another way to go about 2D environment light to achieve a similar effect as seen in the video?

Here is a video to describe the flickering: https://youtu.be/4OpFGDbEygY

Also here is a zoomed-in picture I took of the flickering in the editor: enter image description here

Link to project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eFuh29G6aGHpmfHZ5hdl5V7OHloY2tzI/view?usp=sharing

Thank you for any assistance!!