Overlapping nodes in BoxContainer AND does not scroll, how to fix?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By blueStag

I am creating a game where I dynamically add nodes to a VBoxContainer, a dynamic list in effect. However, when I add nodes to the VBoxContainer the nodes overlap. Why is this? Can I change this? I thought everything in a VBoxContainer was supposed to be arranged vertically, not overlapping.
I can sort of fix this issue by increasing the separation, but my nodes inside the vbox are dynamic size so a static separation between nodes won’t work

And also I have…

Scroll Container
—>Dynamically added and sized Control Nodes

But no matter how many control nodes I add, I never get the scrolling functionality. After a few added nodes, they just disappear presumably under the bottom of the VBoxContainer I think.

What is a good setup for what I am trying to do? Surely I’m not the first to put dynamically size nodes in a scroll-able container?
Thanks for the help!

Panel should use size flags of extend and fill for both directions (vertical and horizontal), same for vboxcontainer.

Wich is weird is that you added child control as child of the vboxcontainer and they overlaps, are you sure that you’re adding them as child of the VBox?

AnidemDex | 2022-01-31 19:32

the nodes are children of the vboxcontainer. I can from the remote view in debug mode.
the only way I can get them to stop overlapping is by increasing the separation on the rolescontainer nodes (the nodes I am adding to my vbox).
And when I add 3 nodes the scroll bar appears, but I can only scroll to see the first two. I added the size flags, like you said but it made no difference as far as I could see.

blueStag | 2022-02-03 01:29