Particles don't render in Web Exports

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By BookSloth

I just made a web export of my game and found that none of the particles are rendering. This is only on the HTML5 export and I’m using GPUParticle2D nodes specifically. Is this an issue others have found? And is there a fix to this I could try? I found that CPUParticle2D nodes seem to render. Though that means I’ll need to alter all my particles to work properly after converting them. So if there’s a fix that doesn’t involve converting the nodes, that would be ideal.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Adrasteon

There is some warnings in the documentation page for HTML export:

  • HTML export work only with the compatibility Compatibility rendering method
  • HTML export don’t work correctly on browser that are not supporting WebGL 2.0 (see this page for details)
  • There is a current bug that prevent Godot 4’s HTML5 exports to run on macOS and iOS
  • Browsers also require that the web page is served with specific cross-origin isolation headers. See the “Serving the files” section of the doc

You may be concerned by one of these warnings.