Pause menu and resume

Godot Version

Godot 3.3 stable


I created a game in that i created a pause menu with resume and exit button i. Code for exit it works perfectly but resume button does not work please help me

Check this documentation page Pausing games and process mode — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English it explains what you need to know about pausing games.

I tried it but when I click close button it Fully disappeared and the level scene also

close button is resume?
did you connect the resume button’s pressed signal correctly from the editor?

because from this code, get_tree() should have been able to be called on paused, try add print("resume pressed") on func _on_resume_pressed(): to confirm it’s actually being accessed when clicked

I published a pause/resume game tutorial. You may find it useful.

I had a similar problem. When I paused the whole game. No input would be accepted from my resume button. So i had to set the Process on my resume control node to always. Then it worked.