Pixel Chess - Chess game with pixel art

Hi everyone!

Pixel Chess

I’m working on this project of a chess game using pixel art and it should be called Pixel Chess. I still need to work on the chess AI and a lot of other things, but the moves seems to work for now.

Multiple Views

I also want to experiment with diferent views for the game for the players that would like to try playing with a different view. The idea is to add isometric and perspective views, plus the classic topdown.

Themed Boards and Pieces

Finally, I want to add different themes for the boards and pieces for the players.

The current art should not be final, but it gives an idea of what I have in mind. This a old project of mine that I’m investing my effort to publish this year. For the chess engine, I’m trying to implement a MCTS (Monte Carlo Tree Search) algorithm (which is cracking my head :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’ll update this post with a video demonstration as soon as I can. Hope you like it!


Wow! I love the isometric art! It really pops


So glad you liked! I’m still working on making the chess engine working with a MCTS algo, but after that I’ll start to work on some aesthetics of the game. I also enjoy the isometric view and that’s what prompt me to make the game

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The Isometric view is really good! I don’t know what your plans for this game are, but I think adding chiptune musical score, different modes, the ability to exclude certain pieces, and even something like 4 player chess would all be really interesting!


I’ve read that writing chess games can be really code intensive, is it tough to get all possible board states?


Great ideas! I saw this crazy game called Non-Euclidean Chess with different modes of game. And I also saw this concept of quantum chess that made my eyes shine! I will possibly include different game modes for the game.

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Do you mean, to make the actual chess engine for the game? Well, I would say yes, it is not exactly easy, and I’m still working to figure out how to do it.

Just another thought, but the themed pieces would be awesome for a shovel knight tie in.

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Totally! I hope Yacht Club Games likes this idea in the future LOL

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Now we have rook moves!


Seconded! The isometric view looks great :smiley:

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Glad that you all liked! I’m trying my best to make a good game!

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This looks awesome!

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Looks good.

You could think about having a from behind style view as well (look up Battle Chess on the Amiga for inspiration)

Do you mean this?

Yes, thats the one, although the angle is slightly more acute than that.


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that’s beautiful! I think I can work a little bit and make the board wider, definitively.