Please help me understand the use of certain methods in the Tilemap node like the get_collision_layer_bit

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Yinisiki

I am planning to make a youtube video explaining everything about the Godot Tilemap Node, and I am unable to explain the specific use cases of certain methods no matter how hard i am brainstorming it, although i understand what those methods do. I am looking for creative ways to use that methods to create new game mechanics.

The following are some such methods::

get_collision_layer_bit, set_collision_layer_bit
get_collision_mask_bit, set_collision_mask_bit
I hope someone answers this nagging doubt of mine.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: exuin

Collision layers can be used for only letting certain actors interact with the tilemap, e.g. the player can collide with the tilemap but not the enemies.

I guess collision mask could be used if you want to put collision logic on the tilemap itself.

Is cell transposed can be used if you want to do something if a cell is altered in any way?

The update bitmask stuff can be used if you want to modify bitmasks in code instead of through the editor.

Update dirty quadrants is for if you just modified the cells of the tilemap and you want collision and navigation to also be updated right away.