Porting from LUA to GDScript?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By System_Error

Hi all.

So I found something that could help greatly with making progress in my game, but it’s in a language I don’t know.

Pathfinding꞉ BFS Algorithm

I would like to “translate” it into GDScript, but I don’t know what to replace what with.

EDIT: Also, I should have mentioned this before, but the map I wish to use Pathfinding on has an Half-Offset.

Perhaps you can alternatively use AStar?
I googled a tutorial for using AStar here (albeit its for 3.0 and might need adjustments here and there):

wombatstampede | 2020-04-21 07:39

Hrm… Well, that works, but skips open gaps between two tiles when there’s an half-offset.

System_Error | 2020-04-21 18:03

I looked at the algorithim and I noticed that it does the same thing the built in path finding does so why not use it?

Merlin1846 | 2020-04-21 23:23