Possible to integrate Sentry?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Hodor88

Is it somehow possible to integrate Sentry to identify runtime errors and issues?
For Unity and Unreal its possible. Would be awsome to have this for GDScript or C#.

How doesnt know what i am talking about: Application Performance Monitoring & Error Tracking Software

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: approachcircle

Unfortunately there is no SDK for sentry integration in GDScript as far as i know. Even if there was, the lack of any type of Exception object in GDScript would make being able to use a function like Sentry.captureException() impossible, and you’d always just have to use Sentry.captureMessage() with some sort of logic to parse any Err objects that a function returns.

EDIT: you can add the sentry NuGet package to your mono build configuration if you’re using C#, and then it can be used from there, but GDScript is still out of the question. refer to this page: Error Monitoring in Godot using Sentry | Gato Malo

A solution that could possibly work (for using GDScript) would be to create a separate launcher/crash handler for your game, attach sentry to the launcher, watch the process of your Godot game, and if the game closes with a non-zero exit code, try and find the internal exception that occurred within the game and re-throw that in the launcher for sentry to pickup.