Preparation: The upcoming 3D Web

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By GodotRobot

Wanted to throw out the suggestion that I strongly believe that the 3D web is here (already technically - just not enough workforce yet). And this will become VR web soon as well.

Being that’s the case (regardless of timing as I know it’ll be a slow transition), I wanted to just throw out that concept because I don’t think many are thinking much about it.

I foresee there being a lot of “enhanced experience” websites like the Flash sites of the past being done in Godot, Unity, and UE (amongst others), and this time, true 3D (exported to web assembly)

Regardless of the industry, I just wanted to get the idea rolling around people’s heads as there may be some stuff in core engine that could be useful (haven’t really thought it through yet). My basic idea is to have the objects clickable (using area node) then have camera follow path to next destination (or transition to new scene), which could be anything - just another 3d adventure of whatever. I kinda think everything’s in place already that would be needed to do this, but I’m relatively new to the 3D industry, so I felt that people been in the industry a while might get some various web related ideas sparked ( I guess thinking in terms of all the thinks done with flash). I think this is mostly the realm of plugins, but still, thought I’d mention in case.

I know this concept is so new that it’s hard to think about what’s going to be done, but I think as of now, Flash is our biggest inspiration. It was used in many ways.

Likely various textual and scrolling support. Stuff like that as a start if and where needed.

Maybe some inherent functionality on 3d mesh nodes to have a “normal state”, a “hover state”, and an “already clicked” state. Things like that. Webby things.

I dont personally agree but I think more to the point this is a forum for people to ask for help, its not really a forum for posting thoughts or opinions. I wish you luck building your games though, or your web application or whatever you are using godot for. Happy new year

Gluon | 2022-01-04 12:59