Preview a folder of assets in editor?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By idbrii

Is there an editor view to preview all meshes in a folder at once? I have 100 buildings (glb files) in a folder but the only way I can find to preview them is to open them (which gives me a warning message about being unmodifiable) or select all and drag them into a scene and manually space them out.

I’m looking for something like an “Asset Browser”, but everything I find is for Godot’s Asset Library which shows me stuff that’s not in my project.

Examples from other software:

Blender’s Asset Browser

Unity’s Project View

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: idbrii

So far, I’ve found multiple ways depending on what you’re trying to place and how you want to place it.


GridMaps are built-in to Godot. Works with meshes that you place on a grid.

If you have meshes, you can dump them all into a scene and then convert that scene to a MeshLibrary. Then you can use add a gridmap to a scene, add the MeshLibrary to it, select the gridmap, and you’ll be able to paint those meshes onto a grid with this convenient editor:

This works best if your meshes all fit into the same grid size and are properly aligned. You can also move the pieces around so they all align and then export with Transforms or update your scene of meshes and “Import from scene (Apply Transforms)” to tweak their positions later.

Seems to work well with obj meshes which import directly as meshes. Works with dae meshes since they import as scenes with a root node and then the mesh. Doesn’t seem to work well with gltf or fbx meshes since they’re imported as scenes with two levels of node hierarchy above the meshes.

The Using GridMaps docs have more detailed steps for how to setup a gridmap.


Works on scenes that are placed as child scenes (no restrictions on placement).

If you have scenes, you can use this addon to get a window to select those scenes for adding to your current scene.

Using Kenney’s city-kit-commercial and dumping all of the Models folder into the addon’s required assets/components/ folder, the addon’s Scene Browser tab looks like this:

It should support any scenes, but I was only able to get gltf and obj files to show up and since obj files aren’t scenes they didn’t have icons. Not sure why dae didn’t show up.

Godot-Scene-Browser is in the AssetLib as “Scene Browser.”