Problem with Buttons.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Nick888

I exported my game on my Android mobile device and my tablet device.

My game starts with a menu scene with 5 Buttons. The 4 of 5 buttons responds very well on my mobile and tablet device but the NEW GAME button doesn΄respond. The NEW GAME button directs the game at my basic scene of my game.

About the code, i send a signal from NEW GAME button to MENU node:

extends Control
func _on_NG_pressed():


When i export my game from the small android icon next to the play button in Godot engine, all the buttons in my Android device and my tablet work well.
Το suppose that the problem is related with the monitors(screens) of the devices;

Thank you.

The NEW GAME button doesnt’t respond when i install my game from CMD.

Nick888 | 2019-06-26 09:21

you know i have the same issue, im developing my game from like 5 weeks and when i tried to export it that happen, i tried soooo many things to fix this even its been 5 days trying to fix this until now, really i dont know what i can and you can do REALLY!

YahiaRashad | 2022-09-21 00:29