Problem with Heightmap terrain plugin 0.8 on mac os

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Serfinger13

On my MacBook Heightmap terrain plugin 0.8 does not work correctly. Terrain does not reflect light.
macOS Mojave 10.14.4, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), 2,9 GHz Intel Core i5
8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
Godot v 3.1.1 and v 3.0

How to configure?

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There are newer versions. Did you try those?
GitHub - Zylann/godot_heightmap_plugin: HeightMap terrain for Godot implemented in GDScript

Did you try/compare the demo?
GitHub - Zylann/godot_hterrain_demo: Terrain demo project in Godot Engine 3

wombatstampede | 2019-05-21 07:28

I tried this new version: ttps://
Terrain does not reflect light.

The demo version (GitHub - Zylann/godot_hterrain_demo: Terrain demo project in Godot Engine 3) works. Thank you! But it’s a demo…

Serfinger13 | 2019-05-21 17:41

When the demo works then it is not a hardware/platform issue.

The terrain does not reflect light. So it is black?
Or are you just missing specular reflections?

Normal 3d scene setup would be to add a DirectionalLight (=Sun). Making the angle of the light source flat enough accentuates your terrain better.
You can also add a World Environment but you don’t have to.

If you want reflections on certain textures then you can check the docs and the demo project. Probably “roughness” is the keyword you are looking for.

wombatstampede | 2019-05-22 07:32

Purely visual terrane black. But it’s not light, because when you change the light settings, the intensity of the black does not change. I have both mac os and windows installed on my computer. On windows, the plugin is working fine on mac os - the problem with the lighting.
Practical installation of DirectionalLight on mac os does not react at all.
If the terrain of the plug-in is not set, the DirectionalLight works fine.
The difference with the training video:

  • they have a gray area, after turning on DirectionalLight - white.
  • I - pad is black, and before I put DirectionalLight, and after his set.
    Thanks for the link! I’ll try again for it to work. But I think it will be the same…

Maybe it’s better not to make a terrain in Godot, but to make a terrain in Blender and then import it into Godot?

Serfinger13 | 2019-05-22 11:06

It is not a bad idea to make terrain in Blender. I did it and will certainly be doing it again. But my usecase may not be yours.

You’ve also several plugins/tools for blender to i.e. import heightmaps from GIS (real world sources).

The terrain plugin of zylann has several features though you will have to do otherwise yourself if you need them I.e. terrain LOD, splat shader and grass/foliage.

For my use case I needed a higher terrain resolution only in certain areas. So i could reduce further away parts of the terrain mesh with Blenders decimate modifier while keeping accuracy where it was needed. But i was satisfied with a simpler splatmap shader and no LOD terrain.

wombatstampede | 2019-05-22 13:13