Problems with exported executables

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By ldcGD

Hi guys,

I’m trying to develop with Godot 3, I started to create a draft 2D platform game but I have a bit of problems in the Export. Could someone help me, please?

My PC System is probably not the TOP (Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.1MHz - 4GB RAM - SO Win10 32 bit - Graphics card: Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family WDDM 1.1) and in order to install and start the Godot engine 3.0.6 I had to add the drivers of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library because my graphics drivers don’t support OpenGL 3. Thanks to these MESA drivers the coding and testing phases were ok.

Now however, if I export my game (the export process is completed succesfully), I can’t play it. I can not in any way: Windows Desktop, HTML5, Android, …
The EXE version crashs after launch without error messages.
The HTML5 version at the start I receive “Failed loading file ‘index.wasm’” (in Chrome) or “WebGL 2 not available” in Ms Edge.
The Android app (apk) doesn’t start: “file corrupted”.
I also tryed with an other PC system (more recent)… but nothing. The same problem.
How can I do ?

Thanks everybody in advance

Hi, Can you share us the project and executables so we can test and see if find anything?

p7f | 2019-01-05 19:33

Sure p7f.
Shared folder:


ldcGD | 2019-01-06 10:05

Oppening your poject gives me a ton of “broken dependencies” errors. Do you have the same problem? Also, html version runs in my firefox, but i only see a sky and camera falling down.

p7f | 2019-01-06 15:02

Only clouds??? In my editor the game works perfectly (see screen shot attached into the shared “screen shots” Drive folder).
Where you the see broken dependencies errors?? Let me know, please. Tks

ldcGD | 2019-01-06 18:05

I see depebdencies broken just when i open the project. Mainly are png files that for some reazon godot does not find them… if i see anything else ill write here.

p7f | 2019-01-06 19:14

Could they be responsible of the crashes? I don’t see them. Can you send to me the error list of these depebdencies broken? Tks

ldcGD | 2019-01-07 18:41

Sorry, but i cannot see the dependencies errors anymore. However, the game still does the same on my pc. Just a cloudy sky and camera falling… What version of godot are you using? 3.0.6 or alpha 3.1?

p7f | 2019-01-07 22:03

Do you know if there are MESA drivers also for the export ?
Have you seen the screen shots I shared into the Drive folder? I don’t see problems…

ldcGD | 2019-01-07 22:34

I don’t see the screenshots… where should the be? I dont think Drivers should be included in the export…

p7f | 2019-01-07 22:54