PROGRESS REPORT: Web Export in 4.3

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The Web platform is getting some quality of life upgrades, snuck in right before the 4.3 feature freeze :cold_face::snowflake:

Read the Progress Report:


  • New single-threaded export option
  • Web Audio samples prototype
  • PWA COOP/COEP helper
  • Boot screen displayed while loading

Featuring Catburglar :cat::gem:

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Amazing post and incredible work. I have a question: how does other engines, specially Unity, deal with multi threading on the web? Do they also rely on SharedArrayBuffers and had to disable it? What about COOP/COEP? Is their strategy totally different?

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Unity WebGL:

Seems like exactly the same tradeoff: single threaded unless you enable COOP/COEP and fall into the problems of doing so.