Project Organization

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Aireek

I’ve watched a lot of videos from successful game developers and they all talk about one thing that is important. Project organization. I myself have issues with this, I walk away from a project for even a few days and come back. I feel like I am walking into my son’s room looking for something through the mess lol. It’s frustrating to say the least.

Does anyone have any tips, guides, or resources for organizing your projec? I try really hard but even with my extensive file system it still feels… cluttered or sometimes annoying to navigate.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: Ser_Kai


As tiresome and boring as this can be, the best way to understand your project is to write down what’s happening as it happens. It is an invaluable skill to gain when working with others as well.

Nothing fancy, get a good notebook or a general note software like OneNote or Evernote or any decent documentation software that can easily display and highlight text. Start by writing down your goals, features and most importantly, write down what you did each time you messed with your project. Usually, long streams of codding and debugging leave you with a mess that seems undocumentable but that is never the case, the moment you put pen to paper, you’ll realize that there are elements that you’ve changed and already forgotten, and as time goes on, you’ll find that even the way you document will change to adapt to how you can best do your project.

A good way to start is to write features and implementation. Ideas and implementation and even more important, problems and how solved and plan to solve them.

Hope this helped.

I really appreciate your input. I have seen videos of people talking about this as well. Having a journal or doing devlogs. I thought about doing this but I kept telling myself that it wouldn’t help much. Although… while learning GDscript I copied all of my code to paper as a reference for later… and this helped a lot. I probably do need to break down and put pen to paper. I’m really big with writing things down so it would make sense to do this with a project as well. I appreciate you confirming this and explaining reasons behind it in more detail. I think I will start a Project Journal. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a break, coming back, and feeling lost. This might help get my File System organized as well, sit down and write down my features and the way I want the world to look and figure out how to organize things from there.

Thank you, your answer really did help me!

Aireek | 2020-04-16 19:12

Thanks for your help and advice

mistycoruscate | 2021-07-26 17:07