Proposing a new Godot logo design for 2025

Removing the bot’s mouth is just a suggestion. I think it’s more professional if it’s simpler. What do you think?




:joy: It seems goofy!
I just asked GPT-4o and he said the Godot logo is visually complicated and the ratio of Unity and Unreal Engines is considered less professional. So I suggested this.

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We should create more fun variants of the Godot logo! :laughing:

It looks like a robot vampire. I think the existing logo is fine as-is.


I agree with you. I myself do not have a problem with the “Godot” logo, I only heard criticisms about the “Godot” logo in the YouTube and Discord communities that were not satisfied with the “Godot” logo, and this is not a good reason for the lack of growth of the “Godot” community, because in the case of engines There is no other open source such as “Stride”, “O3DE” or “Defold” for this topic.

That’s more like Godowl