Question about Profiler - why it doesn't expose all of the functions ?

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By Inces

When I examine my bottleneck frames in profiler, it seems to only showcase subroutines, if the calling function is too big, or takes a lot of frame time. For example : I have a function resolve() and get_best_action_per_tile(), and both of these functions are calling multitude of subroutines. They also share few subroutines, like get_rectangle_shape, get_actualuser. Profiler never shows resolve and get_best_action, isntead I can see all of their subroutines, and how many times they were called. Because of this I can’t really tell which of 2 big functions is responsible for most framework. However when I menaged to greatly optimize resolve function, only then I can see it in Profiler.

Is this supposed to work like this ? Is there any way I can get info about caller function or whole stack ?