[Question] is the Godot Engine good for a turn-based JRPG/RPG?

I’ve already asked this before in another forum, but I’m always open for new answers.
is Godot engine really good for creating a JRPG or a turn-based RPG?

I didn’t intend to do a very complicated project, at first (obviously, because. Just a very, very, very simplified version of something like Earthbound from SNES (tbh, something more like MOTHER 1 in terms of limitations, a really small and simple test project). but then, I had this doubt.

would it be possible to do something similar to MOTHER, Earthbound, Undertale, Pokemon, LISA or Fear & Hunger in the engine in the future? I haven’t really found many similar projects in the community (or maybe I just searched incorrectly).


here are games made with godot


Godot is a general purpose engine. You can make any kind of game with it.

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ok, fair enough! thank you!